Her Introduces New Unique and Interactive Ways to Enjoy Digital Content

We have entered a digital era that has significantly revolutionized the way we live. With the advent of wireless connectivity and mobile devices, the world is now connected in a way where virtually everything can be performed and accessed digitally. Technology has empowered us with unparalleled control in how we consume digital media, and with the increasing influx of digital devices, we have also developed new habits and behaviors particularly driving media device usage to the multi-screen territory.

From enjoying a television show, connecting to peers, paying bills and even shopping, we have learned to spend our online experience across multiple devices, multiple screens. But what if there was a means to do these day-to-day online tasks without the need for a second screen? What if there was a way to watch a TV show while talking to family and friends in the same screen simultaneously? What if it was actually possible to retrieve football match statistics as the game unfolds in your screen? Or simply binge-watch videos and do more in the same screen all at the same time?

There is. And we want you to meet Her.

What is Her?

Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), Her is a revolutionary virtual TV assistant designed to provide a more engaging and interactive viewing experience among users by enabling them to watch video content and perform other actions in one screen. This real-time plug-in also collects user data to provide highly personalized content, ads and services relevant to the content they are consuming in the first screen.

To enhance digital viewing experience for users, Her creates an overlay on top of video streams as it is integrated into the digital players of mobile, digital TV and web-based broadcasting platforms. This enables users to watch their favourite programs with friends and family from all over the world, allowing them to socially interact while watching the same video content without the need for a second screen or device.

Virtual TV assistant designed to provide a more engaging and interactive viewing experience among users

But Her is more than just a social engagement tool. Other than enabling to engage in a text or video chat among users, this technology can also be used for information searches, live sports analysis and betting, and even karaoke, making for a more convenient, enjoyable and personalized online viewing experience. Utilizing facial, emotion and speech recognition systems, Her, in addition, gathers and analyses images, behaviours, reactions and even health indicators. All of this can be used to develop more effective ad campaigns and curate more relevant custom-tailored ads, service suggestions and program recommendations, and ultimately personalize experience and increase engagement among viewers.

Challenges in Digital Media

The digital landscape is perpetually shifting and along with it are the patterns and behaviors by which users perform digital practices and consume digital content. In fact, marketing studies have reported that over 70% of adults switch to a second screen or device while watching a television program. Viewers who tend to use TV and internet simultaneously switch to a second screen to perform searches, use social media or look up relevant information to a television show or an actor, a sports match or an athlete.

The shrinking of viewer engagement raises a growing concern among traditional and digital TV broadcasters, advertisers and streaming service providers. With a large and varied audience, and lack of consumer-specific information to create attention-grabbing content, ad campaigns risk of falling flat and not reaching the intended audience resulting in unnecessary loss of resources and potential revenue.

Closing the Gap Between a Distracted Audience and Digital Advertising

For streaming services with a high number of subscribers, maximizing the potential of a large audience remains a challenge. With the help of Her and its capabilities to identify consumer preferences based on in-screen social interactions, data searches, as well as reactions and emotions, streaming services have the means to effectively curate relevant video content and program recommendations, and advertisers gain access to information fundamental to creating personalized ads best-suited to specific consumer needs.

What Her Can Do to Help

Her has a diverse list of offerings. Here’s a breakdown of what Her has to offer.

Live Sports Content

Live statistics

Viewers watching a certain sports match can look up statistics specific to the teams or players performing in this particular match and retrieve all this information in-screen.

Betting Odds

Live betting odds made available in the screen. This feature also easily allows viewers to place a bet through the app with one simple swipe.

Pre-game Analysis and Betting Predictions

The feature allows viewers to receive editorial analysis of upcoming games and AI-powered betting proposals via email.

Interactive Polls

This feature drives more engagement among viewers by inviting them to take a vote or answer multiple-choice questions relevant to the content their consuming real-time.

Food Delivery

Users feeling hungry during a match can easily order food to enjoy a delicious meal whilst cheering for their favourite team.

Music Shows


This added feature brings more fun to viewing experience by enabling users to perform live singing while watching their favorite music show. To encourage more engagement, viewers can invite family or friends to sing along with them with the karaoke feature complete with in-screen lyrics and feedback.

Interactive Polls

This feature drives more engagement among viewers by inviting them to take a vote or answer multiple-choice questions relevant to the content their consuming real-time.

Social Platform

Text or Video Chat in Private Groups

This feature allows viewers to connect with other users through chat or video to share images, pre-recorded videos, opinions, comments or reactions while their chosen video content is running in the first screen. This can be utilized while watching live sports, TV shows or movies and while using the karaoke feature.

Access to Video Commentary of Influencers

Viewers can follow and gain access to video commentary of influencers active in sports, music, film and other fields of expertise.

Video on Demand

Smart Search

This feature allows users to perform searches on video content and other information related to a TV program or film including actors, ratings, and reviews. With the use of digital data gathered from users, Smart Search helps to provide users with a more defined answer based on their preferences and needs. Her enables the feature to provide better recommendations real-time by taking into consideration factors including viewers’ mood or even current weather all acquired through Her’s recognition systems and location-related APIs.

Video Ratings

Audience can share their general opinion on a video content by rating a TV show or movie according to how they experienced it.

Interactive Polls

This feature drives more engagement among viewers by inviting them to take a vote or answer multiple-choice questions relevant to the content their consuming real-time.

How Her Can Help You

What this Means for Viewers

Her is taking digital viewing experience to the next level by the ease, convenience and fun its features have to offer. Through Her’s social engagement features, viewers are enabled to express themselves and feel more integrated into the community by actively interacting with family, friends and even brand influencers while watching TV. With viewers’ behaviors, emotions and reactions visible real-time, this creates an authentic, enjoyable and energetic environment for users, all of which help promote engagement, boost interaction level and increase retention rates. Personalized ad content also enable viewers to have an enjoyable viewing experience free of irrelevant ads.

What this Means for Broadcasters

Her presents a new source of revenue for broadcasters and streaming services. Clients can use to strategic advantage the user data gathered through the plug-in. This collection of data can be used to predict viewer characteristics, behaviors, preferences, and mood that are essential to developing personalized program recommendations, which all help to increase audience engagement.

What this Means for Advertisers

Hypertargeting ads is made easier for advertisers or marketers by AI-powered data collection systems offered by Her. The recognition system allows to collect and analyse data to provide advertisers a real-time measurement of the crowd’s attention, moods and opinions. This information in hand can improve audience management and enable advertisers to target specific audiences with their marketing campaigns. Highly personalized ads curated from user behaviors and preferences have a higher potential for conversion rate superior to non-targeted ads.

Her is GDPR compliant.

Her Timeline

Early this year, Her has started a strategic collaborative partnership with Airtango, a live streaming service provider based in Germany, focusing on sports and entertainment. Her exclusive demo has also been launched recently and is available for testing by invitation.


For business inquiries, collaboration proposals and press related matters, please contact Her Hand:

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